The 19th international toxicological conference „Toxicity and Biodegradability of Matters Important in Aquatic Enviroments“ took place at the MEVPIS centre from 21st to 23rd August 2019 (40 participants, 26 lectures). The student competition “Price of Prof. Vladimír Sládeček” has been also a part of this conference since 2005. This year the evaluation committee awarded first place to Ing. Pavla Hubená (CULS Prague) with contribution „The effect of psychoactive compounds on aggressiveness of chub”, the second place to Bc. Alžběta Strouhová (FFPW USB) and the third place to MSc. Eugenia Sancho Santos (FFPW USB). Another part of the conference was the excursion to the Museum of Forestry, Hunting and Fishing and Zoo Ohrada – Hluboká nad Vltavou.

Written by Ing. Olga Valentová


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