1st TNA project within the Aquaexcel3.0 has been implemented at the FFPW USB.

The lead researcher is Prof. Maria Angeles Esteban from the University of Murcia who applied for the project called “Effects of dietary vitamin C on growth, tissue vitamin C concentration, antioxidant capacity and immune response in pikeperch juveniles”. The responsible researcher for FFPW is Aiman Imentai, Ph.D. The visiting researcher is Assoc. Prof. Francisco Guardiola who spends at the faculty this week. His aim is to check the status of the ongoing experiment, discuss further analyses and give a talk about his recent studies.

The access is free of charge, the AE3.0 project will pay for the experimental costs as well as the travel and subsistence costs.

The TNA call is continuous so you can apply for access to 40 partners´ installations at any time within the duration of the AE3.0 project. More information at project website.

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