The defence of dissertations is holding on Wednesday 30th March 2022 (from 9.00 am) in the big meeting room at the FFPW USB Vodňany (Zátiší 728).

Participants of defence are:

  • 09.00 am, M.Sc. Ruoyi Hao – Freshness and shelf-life of fish products
  • 10.00 am, M.Sc. Deepali Rahi – Fish sperm respiration: species specificity and effect of environmental temperature
  • 11.00 am, M.Sc. Koushik Roy  – Circular and Sustainable Fish Nutrition
  • 1.00 pm, M.Sc. Swapnil G. Waghmare – Fish oocyte ageing and histone modifications

Online record is available here.

You are cordially invited.

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