On behalf of the Senate Electoral Commission for the Dean of the FFPW USB election, I would like to announce that the only one candidate for this position, who accepted the candidacy, is Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Kozak, Ph.D.
The following steps will be done according to the approved schedule of the election of the Dean of FFPW USB for the period from 1. 12. 2021 to 30. 11. 2025
29.03.2021: Deadline for submission of written documents (CV, ideas about way, direction and development of the faculty in the period 2021 – 2025) to the members of the AS FFPW USB from candidates who accepted the candidature
12.04.2021: Introduction of candidates for the FFPW USB dean position during the public meeting of the academic community
19.04.2021: Meeting of the AS FFPW USB combined with the election of the FFPW USB dean
MVDr. Eliška Zusková, Ph.D.
Chairwoman of the Academic Senate of the FFPW USB

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