In accordance with the Scholarship Regulations of the USB and other regulations and internal norms of the faculty, the premium scholarship for contribution to faculty’s creative activities was awarded in November 2020 to the following students:

Surname and name of student  

Publication output for which a premium scholarship is awarded

Ivanova Anna Pavlovna

Strunecký, O., Raabová, L., Bernardová, A., Ivanova, A.P., Semanová, A., Crossley, J., Kaftan, D., 2020. Diversity of cyanobacteria at the Alaska North Slope with description of two new genera: Gibliniella and Shackletoniella. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 96: fiz189. (IF 2019 = 3,675; AIS 2019 = 1,190)

Roje Sara

Roje, S., Švagrová, K., Veselý, L., Sentis, A., Kouba, A., Buřič, M., 2021. Pilferer, murderer of innocents or prey? The potential impact of killer shrimp (Dikerogammarus villosus) on crayfish. Aquatic Sciences 83: 5. (IF 2019 = 2,402; AIS 2019 = 0955)

Roy Koushik

Lunda, R., Roy, K., Dvořák, P., Kouba, A., Mráz, J., 2020. Recycling biofloc waste as novel protein source for crayfish with special reference to crayfish nutritional standards and growth trajectory. Scientific Reports 10: 19607. (IF 2019 = 3,998; AIS 2019 = 1,263)

The publications in question are available here.

We would like to thank our students for their creative activities and congratulate them on the premium scholarship.
Written by Lucie Kačerová
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