Our student Kateřina Marková collected another sport success. In term June 26 - 28, 2020 Grand Prix of České Budějovice 2020 was held in Casting sport. It was the first international Casting sport contest after „coronavirus“ break. The contest was organized for the best world competitors, so the starting list was adapted to that. There were competitors from 5 countries participating in the contest. The contest ran in very good atmosphere all the time. Kateřina Marková became the best Czech competitor and with result of 478,33 points she absolutely dominated in the whole women category.

The unbelievable sport successes of Kateřina became interested also for media. Recently she was a guest in radio Radoižurnál broadcasting, she acted in the show of Jakub Vágner “Fishing with Jakub” and also in the show of TV Nova “Weekend”.

You can see the shots at following links (only in Czech language):

- https://radiozurnal.rozhlas.cz/rybareni-ke-kteremu-nepotrebujete-ryby-ani-vodu-trenuju-na-louce-popisuje-8258583
- https://novaplus.nova.cz/porad/vikend/bonus/7321-vite-co-je-to-casting-sport-seznamte-se-s-ceskou-mistryni-sveta-v-teto-discipline 

Written by doc. Ing. Martin Kocour, Ph.D.


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