The defense of dissertations will be held on Tuesday 26th March 2019 (from 9,00 am) in the big meeting room in the FFPW USB Vodňany (Zátiší 728).

Participants of defense are:

- 09,00 am – M.Sc. Sarvenaz KhaliliTilami - Factors influencing nutritional value of fish
- 10,00 am – Dipl.-Ing. Dalibor Koutnik - The effect of triazine based pesticides and their metabolities on no-target aquatic organisms
- 11,00 am – Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Šauer - Environmental pollutants progestins: occurrence, hormonal activities and effects on fish

On-line record is available here.

You are cordially invited.

Written by Lucie Kačerová


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